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Each Episode Is Informative and Entertaining

Episode 1

In which Brad and Lyndsay meet but don’t greet and Jon’s overview goes from a “How d’you do?” to a “To hell with you!”

Episode 2

Jon discusses the monologue and Lyndsay gets an audition at The National but doesn’t know what to wear.

Episode 3

In which Jon continues to discuss the monologue, Brad wonders if everyone hates him and Lyndsay provides him with an answer.

Episode 4

In which cold war grows hot between Lyndsay and Brad and Jon wishes he could sack the pair of them.

Episode 5

In which Jon finishes his discussion of the monologue and Lyndsay’s boyfriend tells her she isn’t star material.

Episode 6

In which Jon discusses cold reading and Melanie Wade explains why taking a bus is not a good idea.

Episode 7

In which Jon talks about the scene and Lyndsay, Brad and Melanie perform a scene which leads to a slap and a resignation.

Episode 8

A standalone film with director’s notes. Brad thinks about variations, says he’s sorry and wonders if he’s dying.

Episode 9

In which Jon treads a lonely road, Brad survives a beating, avoids Melanie and opens his door to a welcome visitor.

Episode 10

In which Brad has a meeting with his agent and Lyndsay visits Jon to talk about how to build her confidence.

Episode 11

In which Lyndsay’s audition at the National is revealed and Jon discusses with her the best way to approach auditions.

Episode 12

In which Frizz visits Brad, Lyndsay meets Arnold, Melanie pops round and The Drama Sessions is finally resumed.

Over 100 Pages Of Written Material!

Charts, Quotes, Exercises, Information...

Video And Audio Improvisation Exercises, Many Of Them Solo For You To Work On At Home.

For the individual, in pairs, or as part of a group.

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