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Ever wanted to make acting your career? Ever felt confused about the process of acting? The Drama Sessions can:

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  • Help you to become a better actor
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What Can The Drama Sessions Offer You?

Brought to you by White Space Film Productions, The Drama Sessions is an online drama course that includes filmed acting lessons in the form of a mini drama series. If you want to be an actor you will learn, along with Brad, (Gregory Scott), and Lyndsay, (Emer Mary Morris), everything that you need to know to get you started. You will discover the best way of working on a monologue, how to engage with scenes and about the industry itself, including the audition process and matters relating to confidence. More than that, you will be provided with numerous filmed exercises and many pages of fascinating written material, everything in fact which will assist in helping you on your way to the career of which you've always dreamed.

Jon Campbell Jon Campbell
Artistic Director of The Drama Sessions.

All This For Just $49

  • It's straight out of the box

    Start learning straight away using the wealth of video and written material on offer.

  • It's progressive

    Twelve videos, hours of filmed material, taking you every step of the way, from monologue, scene, confidence, audition.

  • It suits your lifestyle

    Bundled with the package are twenty filmed improvisation exercises, including solo, paired and group impros.

  • It goes deeper

    In addition over 120 pages of downloadable written material supplement the visuals.

  • Work to your own pace

    Once you’ve bought The Drama Sessions you can work to your own pace and in your own time.

  • A feedbook option

    Verified purchasers of The Drama Sessions will be entitled to receive feedback.

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The Drama Sessions Was Developed With You In Mind

You may feel that you can't afford to go to Drama School. You may feel that you are too old, too anxious, too self-conscious to enter the entertainment industry. You may feel that acting is for other people altogether, that you wouldn't be any good at it, that you just wouldn't know where to start. The Drama Sessions is here to help. Step by step you will be taken on a journey into the heart of acting. Along the way you'll discover all sorts of things. For instance, that you're never too old, that anxiety and self-consciousness can be eradicated, that the world of the actor is for you every bit as much as it is for someone else and that you're a whole lot better than you ever believed you could be. The Drama Sessions is YOUR Drama School, the Drama School that comes to YOU. You need only hop on board for the adventure to begin.

Jon Campbell Jon Campbell
Artistic Director of The Drama Sessions

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Here's What You'll Get In This Awesome Online Training

If you've ever considered acting as a career or even as a hobby we're here to help. Take a look at this run-down of the course structure.

  • 1

    The Drama Sessions Episodes 1-3

    After Episode 1, the course overview, you will begin work on the monologue. Episode 2 asks what a monologue is and what exactly is a character. Episode 3 considers the primary purpose of acting, to communicate and engage.

  • 2

    The Drama Sessions Episodes 4-6

    Episode 4 continues to explore the monologue and looks at the relationship between action and reaction. Episode 5 focuses on emotions. With Episode 6 we move away from the monologue to study the subject of cold reading and why it is so important to be able to do it well.

  • 3

    The Drama Sessions Episodes 7-9

    Episode 7 takes us onto the scene and discusses the importance of listening. In Episode 8 you are treated to a complete short fictional film in which much of what you have learned so far may be seen in action. Episode 9 studies the topic of subtext and what it reveals for an audience.

  • 4

    The Drama Sessions Episodes 10-12

    Episode 10 treats the subject of confidence, essential for every actor. Episode 11 looks at the audition process. The written material accompanying this episode focuses on the search for work. Finally, Episode 12 provides you with a recap of the whole series.

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The Drama Sessions is user-friendly. You will not just be given lessons as if sitting in a dusty classroom but instead go on a journey with Lyndsay and Brad as they navigate an industry that is competitive and can often be both daunting and confusing.


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